by Paolo Čerić
Lincoln shows there is no electric field drop in a conductor by placing one area of a fluorescent bulb inside the field. This forms a glowing conductive plasma that grows as the bulb is pulled across. The electric field that extends beyond the plasma globe's glass becomes visible when fluorescent gas in a bulb is brought inside the region. The electric field gets weaker with increasing distance from the charged object. Lettuce seeds floating in vegetable oil help visualize electric field lines between two charged electrodes. The seeds align themselves in the electric field. There is no electric field inside of a conductor as shown by no movement in the seeds floating in the center of two ring electrodes. An electrostatic Van de Graaff generator demonstrates radial electric field lines when it is energized with streamers attached to it.
fuck insects are cool
slow motion really shows you how weird the world can be.

Can we rename the science side of tumblr, the cool side.

or even the 0K side.

Pretty clever. For those who can’t speak math;
Life is equal to the integral of the function of experiences between birth and death with respect to time.

Lunation - a complete lunar cycle. (Credit: António Cidadão)